Welcome 2023

I started January feeling very positive. I love January I said, as I started the 64 million artists creative challenge and new Yoga with Adriene Center daily practice. 11 days in and the weather is rubbish, the jobs are mounting up and I have positively decided I really dislike January and would like to be on a tropical island. I laughingly joked in December, that in January the grass would be green and the sun always shining.


Breaking icy puddles

What to do? What has been helpful is reminding myself that January is always tough. I found a note to myself written this time last year reminding me that the first week back in January was “a bit meh” and that things would get better. I have also started to plan lots of fun things to do to cheer myself up such as going to light shows and the Prison Museum (yes, really that will lift my spirits! or maybe the children’s!).

I think probably the best thing to do though is to remember my words for the year which are courage, compassion, growth and adventure, particularly compassion. I think I just need to show myself some compassion, be kind to myself and just accept that January can suck in many respects, but there are some good things coming. And that the mornings will eventually get lighter.

I forgot to publish this and now on January 23rd with a beautiful frosty sunny morning things definitely feel better! Reminding myself “this too shall pass”

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