For Celebration – John O’Donohue

I could probably end up posting a John O’Donohue poem every week as the are often so beautifully apt. This weekend in Easter and a lovely long bank holiday weekend, with also an additional week off work for me. The weather had got slightly better (although now is cold again), the blossom is out and Covid restrictions are starting to lift. So it feels like a time of celebration and so this poem feels very appropriate.

For Celebration

Now is the time to free the heart,
Let all intentions and worries stop,
Free the joy inside the self,
Awaken to the wonder of your life.

Open your eyes and see the friends,
Whose hearts recognize your face as kin,
Those whose kindness watchful and near,
Encouraging you to live everything here.

See the gifts the years have given,
Things your effort could never earn,
The health to enjoy who you want to be
And the mind to mirror mystery.

From To Bless the Space Between Us, John O’Donohue (2008).

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