The Psyche of Spring by George Marion McClellan

This weekend felt more Spring-like. Beautiful crystal clear nights, frosty mornings and most importantly, warmth in the sunshine. The tulips are blooming and I am trying to persuade everyone to do our annual cycle to the local bluebell wood – might have to resort to bribery as there is a tea shop nearby which sells ice cream.I discovered this poem on and as we had been watching butterflies this weekend it seemed appropriate. I love the colour and joy in this poem. I hadn’t heard of this poet either and so was interesting to learn more. Also fits with my intention this year to read more writing by authors and writers of colour as promoted by the Free the Books Campaign. I’m working my way through their 2021 reading list having recently finished How to Think Like a White Man by Boulé Whytelaw III and Nels Abbey and How We Disappeared by Jing-Jing Lee which was shocking, moving and really stayed with me.

The Psyche of Spring

Thou gaily painted butterfly, exquisite thing, 
A child of light and blending rainbow hues,
In loveliness a Psyche of the Spring,
Companion for the rose and diamond dews;
‘Tis thine, in sportive joy, from hour to hour, 
 To ride the breeze from flower to flower.

But thou wast once a worm of hueless dye.
Now, seeing thee, gay thing, afloat in bliss,
I take new hope in thoughts of bye and bye,
When I, as thou, have shed my chrysalis.
I dream now of eternal springs of light
In which, as thou, I too may have my flight. 


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