3 things…

Starting this now on a Monday – my three things from last week!

  1. Trust the process

I come back to this mantra frequently – this week it was in relation to using Lego with undergraduate students as part of a module on coaching and mentoring. I had run this session last year but wasn’t so pleased with the way it ran, I think my confidence for “playing around” (ha!) with the methodology wasn’t as developed. And I have used Lego with more coaching activities now. This year though the two sessions seemed more engaged and I spent longer relating to coaching and mentoring practices. There were moments in each session though were I just needed to give the students space and let them run with the Lego, which they did and came up with some fantastic models of coaching and mentoring.

2. Aiming low

When I had my twins, a good friend (also a mother of twins) advised me to “aim low” – if your objective for the day is to get out of bed at some point, you are doing well she said! I have often come back to this, particularly when I set myself seemingly endless “to do” lists. I was reminded of it this week when I thought I would not have much time and space to do some of the things to do list, and then ended up with some unexpected time. My inclination was to fill it with lots of things, then realising I would not get them all done. Sigh. So, “aim low”! Knocking 1 thing of the list should be enough!

3. Things take longer than I think

I had an editorial to write for a journal this week. Of course it took waaaaaay longer than I thought. I did enjoy writing it and reading all the articles was great, felt like a work “luxury” but urgh the frustration at my under-estimation of the time it would take. Hmm not really sure what the lesson is here except to work on my time estimation!

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