Beyond Integration or Adaptation: The Learning Challenge for Higher Education and Gen Y

Dr. Sharn Donnison, Faculty of Education, La Trobe University, Bendigo, Australia

Start a conversation about how we look at transition and locating this in generational theory (Mannheim, 1952).

3 aspects of Mannhein’s generational theory- generational location, generation as actually, generation units.

Generational location is about the time when you are born and what resources, opportunities and experiences that are potentially available at that point. Generation actuality means that if you are born at that time you will respond in a particular way to these resources. And generational units mean that some people born at this time will work these resources up in a certain way ie articulate responses to these experiences and resources that represent their generational location.

Twenge’s  work on generation y found that these students are individuals to and prone to anxiety and lower self esteem.

What are the discourses that are valued in higher education?  Need to think more about non-traditional students.

[More questions than answers.]

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