Redistributing and recognising multiple capitals

Working against pedagogies of indifference

Bob Lingard, The University of Queensland, Australia

Definitions of pedagogy –there are pedagogies everywhere-museums, art galleries and digital – these challenge specifics of school pedagogies. Need for a rationale pedagogy that cuts across inequalities. Should be explicit about our pedagogies.

Authentic pedagogies –Newmann identified 4 elements of authentic pedagogy, added to by Lingard who has defined 20 elements and termed this productive pedagogies. Mapped work in 1000 classrooms. Children given access to pedagogic codes,

–          Differences across curriculum areas
–          Differences across year levels
–          Care and support need intellectual demand whereas often this is a trade off
–          Counter intuitive findings – the more diverse the school the less recognition of valuing and working with difference
–          Teachers who practise productive pedagogies had a sense of responsibility and efficacy

Interpreting findings
–          Lack of intellectual demand
–          Lack of connectedness
–          Need to redistribute capitals though pedagogies: access to code
–          So little of working with and valuing difference

Productive pedagogies ties to refocus traditional pedagogies on social justice. Offers a future for sociological focused pedagogic research. Raymond Williams: ‘making hope practical rather than despair convincing’.

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