Educause10: Reflections on day 3

Day three is always a short one in order to let everyone get home on a Friday pm. Amazing the travel time of US based attendees, some had spent nearly as much time in the air as I had even though they had travelled half as far. Reckon LA is easier to get to from London than from say upstate CT etc.

Was awake early with a stinking cold and felt better upright so no excuse not to attend first session.  Actually there were three at 8am that tempted me (isn’t that always the way) but plumped for the one on blogging.  Some good tips and discussion about issues around blogging, why it is useful, does it have an impact on reputation – both positive and negative, particularly if you use it to think through issues that you feel passionate about – and how to handle comments.  Made me even more determined to keep blogging regularly when I am back.

After a rather grim cup of coffee – no 4 shot Americano today L – attended a session on lecture capture, delivered by the learning spaces manager at our own LSE. Am a bit sceptical about lecture capture and it was interesting to see both sides in this presentation which took the form of a debate with footage from a real debate they had had at the LSE learning and teaching day.  Did make me think we should try some pilots of lecture capture.  Needless to say it goes down a treat with students but staff have more problems with it.

Then that was it for educause10 as I had to leave for the airport so missed the final session of a CIO talking about her experiences. Have ordered the DVD though so will be able to catch-up on this later.

Good conference this year although more techie than previous years and I have to say that I prefer proper city locations to “plastic city” locations where you are just stuck between your hotel and the conference centre really. Highlight to walk to was the local Target store! Looking forward to Educause11 in Philly though that will be ace.

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