Hong Kong baby

Hurrah! Have arrived in Hong Kong for the Learning Conference.  It seems like it is a huge conference and I think it will take me all day today to decipher the programme.  Have just about chosen my sessions for tomorrow but am pretty confused. Am sure it will all become clear.

We are not staying in central Hong Kong, but in Sha Tin in the New Territories.  It has been about 15 years I think since I was last here when I came with my parents. My dad did his national service in HK and I remember him being completely taken aback by the changes that had happened. When he was doing his national service the tallest building was 4 or 5 storeys.  Think those are by far the smallest buildings now! The skyline has changed a lot since I was last here and I’m looking forward to doing some exploring next weekend.

Sha Tin is more residential than touristy I think and we are right next to one of the newer shopping centres – which has about 400 shops.  Think it will take me all week to get around all those shops! Have noticed a rather lovely Hello Kitty shop which I suspect I will be visiting for small person.

Today we are going to do a bit of exploring to find out where the conference is being held, seeing if we can register, sorting out travel passes etc. As well as sorting out our presentation for Wednesday.  I’m hoping for some downtime so I can get to grips with a lot of work stuff that I haven’t managed to sort out – or at least get some headspace to sort out some ideas out of the office. Would be great if I could find a camera charger too given the new one we had ordered didn’t arrive before I left home.

But first, breakfast. Think my body clock just about sorted out which time zone it is in….

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