Lego for learning series: 1. Moving a one hour lecture online using Lego

Finally it feels like it is time to release my Lego musings on the world! I have been playing around with this idea (ha excuse the pun!) literally for a year. I have learnt a lot about how an “easy” idea on your head, translating it into a shiny polished video takes a LONG time and a lot of new skills. And this is not a shiny polished video at all. But its driving me nuts not to have it released so here it is…. I’m optimistically calling this a series. Let’s see!

I would welcome any feedback. Even if it is NEVER do this again lol. I will probably look back on this in a few years (read 10 minutes) and cringe but I think there is something about using Lego in this way and this is all about play so here we go!

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