Reflections on day 4 and conference end

Well the conference is now over and it ended well. ¬†I decided to theme all my posts with buddha photos, no reason other than I liked them ūüôā

So some more thoughts…

  • Interesting presentation on digital notebooks and their use in encourage creative design. Got me thinking about whether we could use these at City and in the LDC
  • There was a general theme about creativity and design. ¬†A few papers looked at notebooks and how these could be used to encourage student motivation and engagement. ¬†These were not only used in relation to teaching design or other more traditional “creative” subjects but also used in language learning and other areas. I know that Cass have used similar techniques and think it is something would should explore within the LDC
  • Continuing the theme of creativity was the session looking at Flickr use and language which looked at how people utilise different languages to represent different aspects of themselves and to participate in a variety of ways in global discourses. Web 2.0 tools have enabled this kind of participation and informal learning, this session was a good example of the kinds of models that are needed to demonstrate to people how web2.0 technologies could be used in education. It has made me think about using Flickr more for my photos and how again we could use these with our students
  • The other theme was engaging staff in educational development activities. ¬†This has been another theme of the conference, particularly for those working with staff in Higher Education. ¬†Philip Long’s presentation struck a chord with me about perceptions of teacher “training” courses for HE staff – where staff complain about engaging with these courses yet then, in the main, often find them really useful. ¬†Philip’s study was a well crafted small scale piece of research and something we could do with our own MAAP participants.

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