Reflections on International Conference on Learning: Day One

The Lion welcoming us to the 17th Learning Conference

Have not blogged about all sessions, just the more interesting ones!

Some thoughts from first day:

  • Best conference opening  have been to – the Lion Dance  (pictured) and children were brilliant
  • Very mixed conference-paper scope ranges from Schools to Unwishes; educational theory to practical case studies
  • Interesting ideas from keynotes- theme of popular culture and technology impact on education
  • Similar themes to our discussions at City about changing educational models needed to meet new ways of learning and different needs of our  learners
  • Some negatives – organisation a bit chaotic –  cancelled and changed sessions, transport confusion and rooms moved. Also some dire presentations and not due to having to present in English.  Lack of preparation for number of sessions -poor slides, too many slides etc.  I did get unlucky with some of my session choices – note to self -choose more carefully
  • Er  so more positives – lovely campus, in the hills, very peaceful and some great learning spaces.  Will put up photos
  • Idea to run presenter preparation sessions at LD conference at City next year and ask people to submit sample slides

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