This House Debates Lecture Capture

Dan Roberts, LSE

Always good to travel thousands of miles to see speakers from your own city 😉

LSE have been using lecture capture for a while, they have a strict policy governing the use of lecture capture – see below:

  • strict opt in policy only
  • schedule all recordings
  • available via moodle
  • lecturers can request content
  • archived for two years then deleted

6-10,000 viewings per week. Part of disaster recovery plan for LSE. Have bite-sized recordings too which are very popular. 1,200 views for one particular 15min recording. 1,400 scheduled for this term.

Student reaction – pilot in 3 rooms, 97% wanted this more. Student comments very positive.

Videos of staff prompting lecture capture.  Useful if students have travel problems etc, but should be opt-in although need a reason for why not doing. Students shouldn’t demand attractive lecturers though otherwise we all in trouble!

Can encourage staff to rethink pedagogy and methods of lecturing/teaching.

Does lecture capture devalue value of live experience?

Students felt they enjoyed lectures more, reduced note taking, didn’t use them so much for revision – liked watching them soon after the lecture, felt concentrated more because of recording

Staff – some really like it, others see it as Big Brother. Very emotive issue. One dept has a blanket ban on lecture capture and some staff say increased performance anxiety. May make lecturers very cautious/careful. “Captured” is a good definition! Why should students bother to turn-up?

Other side – is good for exam preparation, students still attend, more students can now attend.

Mike Farden et al from Univ of Western Australia done a lot of work on this.

Session wasn’t so much about Echo360 but lecture capture generally, which was good, although the timing of recordings mentioned at end as an asset

LSE teaching day decided to debate a motion – teacher and student – “this house deplores lecture capture”

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